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The personalized Prayer books (Sidur / Psalm) covered with fashionably designed fabric are another revolutionary concept of Amanda K.  An ideal Bar Mitzva gift, Bat Mitzva gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift  or a gift for any occasion.  Please pick the kind of prayer book and Nusach you are interested in from the list below (for explanations about Nusach, please see below).  We will add an embroidery as per your wish on the book in English or in Hebrew (Name, Initials, Book Description etc) for no additional charge.  Please enter your choice of embroidery into the below comments box.  

Designed Prayer Book - Noa

  • About Nusach Nusach refers in general to the style of a prayer service/version, used by a particular community. Ashkenazi Jews use mainly two nusachim - Nusach Ashkenaz and Nusach Sefard (especially Hasidim). The Nusach referred to as Edot Hamizrach is the common nusach used among Israeli Sephardim. Nusach Chabad is a Nussach used by members of the Chabad movement. PLEASE BE AWARE - Do not confuse between Nusach Sefard (used by Ashkenaz Jews) with the Nusach generally used by the Sephardic Jews. If you're interested in any specific other prayer Book, please contact us and we will check availability. PLEASE NOTE - The colour, font type and size of the embroidery will be chosen by the designer. If you have any special wishes, please add them to the comments.
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