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Embroidered Tallit/Tefillin bag set made of High Quality Fabric.

Please specify the name you would like to embroider in the personalization box below. These Amanda K Tallit and Tefillin Bags are the ideal gift for a Bar Mitzvah, wedding or anniversary. 



Tallit bag - 28 cm long, 37 cm wide/ 11 inches long, 14.6 inches wide
Tefillin bag is 22 cm long, 25 cm wide/ 8.7 inches long, 9.8 inches wide

Set - River

    • Two matching bags
    • High quality woven fabric 
    • Bag is inclosed with a zipper on the top
    • Talit bag dimensions: 11" x 14.6"
    • Tefilin bag dimensions: 8.7" x 9.8" 
    • Great gift idea
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