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This gorgeous Prayer book Cover (Sidur / Psalm)  with fashionably designed fabric would make a great gift for someone's Bar Mitzva, Bat Mitzva, Wedding or Anniversary. Optional; Cover comes embroidered with your choice of name. Please leave the name to be added in the notes section. Please note: It does not come with a prayer book ( Sidur ), you can buy it seperatly.



Prayer Book Cover- Geometry


    1. 10,5 X 16,5  suitable for Small Koren prayer books
    2. 14 X 18,5 suitable for Mahzor Beit Tfila, Mahzor Avodat Hashem, Mahzor Rinat Israel, Mahzor Raba & Medium size Koren Prayer books
    3. 14,5 X 20 suitable for Shabbat Koren Prayer Books
    • Indicate in the comment box, what size you would like.


    • PLEASE NOTE - The cover does not come with a prayer book ( Sidur ), you can buy it seperatly. If you're interested in any specific  prayer Book, please contact us and we will check availability. Feel free to add a comment, for any special wishes.
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